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The Garden House Location
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Location of the Garden House

The Gardenhouse is set in beautiful gardens

The Garden House is set within the garden of Coombe Lodge at Blagdon, in North Somerset. We are 30 minutes from Bristol, 40 minutes from Bath and 10 minutes from Bristol airport. Coombe Lodge is signed from the A368.

CLICK the Red Marker on the map and zoom in for detail

Photographic directions of our exact location on the site are below:

The primary postcode (for Sat Nav) is: BS40 7RE

BEWARE of Google maps as The Garden House cannot be accessed from Bourne Lane (we are trying to get this corrected).

Zoom in on the map to see the detail, including parking and how to get to the Garden House

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The Garden House
Coombe Lodge
Coombe Lodge

What 3 Words address:


then follow our picture directions below for:


Using the internal roads.

Please note: we cannot be accessed from Bourne Lane

Directions for The Garden House

Once you arrrive at Coombe Lodge, follow the signs for 'Main Parking' - these directions will guide you to the Garden House

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My Image
My Image
My Image

Under the trees, along the gravel drive, take a left at the sign for Garden house

My Image
My Image

follow along the drive for The Garden house

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If you have any questions, please call us

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